The first procedure, called  myolysis, is done through a laparoscope.

In this procedure, a laser fiber, or more commonly an electrical device, is placed into the fibroid through the laparoscope, and is used to coagulate the myoma or the blood vessels feeding the myoma.
The dead tissue is then gradually replaced with scar tissue.

This is easier to do than a myomectomy, however it can be time consuming), and recovery is usually rapid.


There are several disadvantages to the procedure:
Since no sample of the fibroid is sent to the lab, for a biopsy, in the rare case of malignancy may not be diagnosed. 
Frequently the procedure causes organs, such as intestines, stick to the uterus (adhesions), which could cause problems later on.
Most importantly, there aren’t any controlled study comparing the outcome of this procedure with myomectomy or other treatment.

As with any new procedure, there is no long term information on what will happen over time.